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Zein: A natural Biopolymer from a Renewable Resource

Zein is the storage protein in corn kernels. It has a number of unique characteristics and functionalities which makes zein very valuable in diverse commercial applications.

It is:

  • A natural film-forming polymer.
  • Inherently resistant to water and grease penetration .
  • Thermoplastic, which means biodegradable plastics can be made from zein.
  • Non-allergenic, which permits its use in food products.
  • Classified as "GRAS", (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the F.D.A.

As a company, our first objective was to demonstrate the commercial potential for zein-based products in a number of applications. We have done that and currently sell highly successful products throughout North America.

As all of our existing products have zein as a key ingredient, and some of our new products will require quantities of zein not now available in the market, GPP began to focus on zein manufacturing and supply three years ago.

The result has been that GPP, through its Zein Protein Products division, has become a supplier of zein.


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